Partner, Seoul
“Working with leading Korean companies growing their global presence helps the Korean economy and allows me to develop broader perspectives on economic and political decisions and become a more balanced world citizen.”
Asia Ombudsman and Manager of McKinsey Asia women program, Seoul
“McKinsey has provided me with unrivalled growth opportunities and flexibility to shape my own career.”
Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail Practice Knowledge Expert, Seoul
"As a knowledge professional at McKinsey, you can get involved with the latest industry topics you are passionate about and contribute to one of the most valuable asset's the firm has, its knowledge."
Chief of Operations, Seoul
“I was immediately attracted to the McKinsey mystique while listening to consultants’ stories during a campus recruiting event. McKinsey was love at first sight—and it has never failed me since then.”
Engagement Manager, Seoul
“My personal goal is to make Korean companies into global leaders. At McKinsey, I get to work toward that goal every day and participate in these companies’ transformations. I think that is a unique opportunity, which cannot be replicated anywhere else.”
Associate Partner, Seoul
“McKinsey’s dual mission—around client impact and people development—rings true with my own core values. It is why I wake up every day proud to be part of the firm.”
Engagement Manager, Seoul
“I truly feel connected to and supported by my colleagues in my personal and professional life.”