I cannot imagine a better place than McKinsey which enables me to learn and grow continuously and reflects my passion to find the truth in all situations. I can do all this while at the same time contributing to significant, sustainable growth of the Korean and global economy.

Why McKinsey

After I completed my PhD, I was looking for a career that would enable me to pursue both my passion for truth and commitment to society while delivering significant impact to clients. After doing some research and talking to former and current McKinsey consultants, I came to the conclusion that McKinsey is the best place to achieve these goals. I may need to pull some late nights but I wanted to wake up in the morning with a conviction that my work isn’t merely helping the corporate sector but is also is making contribution to society. I wanted to do work with a noble purpose, and I feel that I am at the firm.

A stimulating place

Since joining McKinsey, I have faced many challenging problems at Korean and global companies in the high-tech and energy industries, ranging from market assessments to post-merger integration. My work has spanned identifying new business opportunities, achieving globalization, developing a business model, and helping turn around Korean and European companies. As I work on various complex problems, I am very happy to leverage my technology and R&D background in global energy and clean-tech industries. But, it’s really a continuous journey as I learn on each engagement from other experts in our firm. In fact, the learning never stops! I am always amazed at how deep our knowledge is on various topics and that I can always find someone in the firm who is willing to help me solve a difficult problem. I feel very lucky to be here and to be able to learn from different firm colleagues literally around the globe.


My personal aspirations are to make contributions to the Korean and global economy by helping global energy players achieve sustainable growth, and at the same time, providing affordable energy solutions to everyone on earth. I have seen firsthand how the firm engages in studies and projects that not only help our traditional clients but also improve the daily life of ordinary citizens. It’s this sense and this commitment by the firm to help the community as much as businesses that makes the firm really unique.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Seoul National University
MS and BS in aerospace engineering