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Associate Partner, Seoul

McKinsey’s dual mission—around client impact and people development—rings true with my own core values. It is why I wake up every day proud to be part of the firm.

Choosing McKinsey

I chose McKinsey three times. In college, I applied to McKinsey, aspiring to become an advisor to business leaders like my father, who was a CEO. My initial years as a business analyst at McKinsey were exciting. I worked on a variety of issues.

After business school, I returned as an associate. I specifically focused on expanding my knowledge of the consumer and retail industries. Because I wanted a deeper understanding of the client’s perspective, I left McKinsey to work for a global fashion brand.

I rejoined McKinsey a few years ago. I continue to believe that this is the best place from which to make a lasting impact and provide solid counsel to business leaders.

Work environment and colleagues

It was when I left McKinsey that I came to fully appreciate how the firm had prepared me. I could solve complex problems effectively. I knew the importance of working as one, unified firm. I also realized how fortunate we are at McKinsey to be supported by a network of talented, global experts. Most importantly, I realized how deeply appreciative CEOs are to have a thought partner.

A global firm

At this time, I work primarily with consumer and retail clients across the Asia–Pacific region. Leaders at the firm have been very supportive and committed to finding opportunities that are in line with my passions and interests, wherever those opportunities arise. In the last year alone, I have led assignments in China, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Developing professionally

I continue to learn something new every day. Recently, I have been helping retail clients build digital strategies and capabilities. It has been impressive and humbling to work with a different group of global experts, including data scientists and IT-architecture specialists. McKinsey is at the forefront of advising and shaping the direction of companies during these tumultuous and paradigm-shifting times. And I get to be a part of that.


Stanford University

Seoul National University
BBA, business