McKinsey offers the opportunity to be surrounded by super smart people that are working very hard to tackle the most important issues of world-class organizations.

Deciding on McKinsey

During my senior year in college, I had no doubt that I would be applying to a graduate school and continue studying for a very long time. Someone gave me the advice to look into other options before making a commitment to an academic career. At that time McKinsey was on campus and they told me that they were hiring for a summer BA intern position. So I applied and was very lucky to get an offer as an intern for 2 months.

I couldn’t imagine how those two months would change my life. Even today, I consider that time as the most important period of my career. The people were not only super smart and super motivated, but they were fun to be around. The topics were interesting, challenging, and impactful. After my two months as an intern, I knew exactly what I wanted to do—work at McKinsey. Thanks to that experience, since then I have had the opportunity to work on projects on every continent in various industries.

Learning opportunities

I learn the most from my colleagues. Everyone around my daily work has a fascinating sparkle that makes them special. I also learn so much from my clients as many of them are senior leaders who have gone through many, many challenging situations to be in that position. I have a lot of respect for the experiences they bring to the table.

Client impact

I once worked at for a North American government on their economic development effort. The McKinsey team staffed me on the project because I was a Korean that would be familiar with government-led economic development efforts. In that project, I looked into the life sciences sector and problem-solved with our industry experts in Europe who have made similar efforts at European municipalities. We truly bring in every resource we have from around the world to create impact for our clients.


The Wharton School

Seoul National University
BS, biological sciences