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Asia Ombudsman and Manager of McKinsey Asia women program, Seoul

McKinsey has provided me with unrivalled growth opportunities and flexibility to shape my own career.

I joined the Korea office fresh out of college as a business analyst, and it proved to be the most enriching growth experience I could imagine. While tackling the various topics that concerned our clients, I learned a lot about different aspects of business. Equally important, I learned to think logically and apply that thinking to everyday life, enabling me make sound judgments. I also got to experience much about people-related topics, both at our clients and within McKinsey, from problem-solving personnel issues to mentoring others to designing and serving as faculty in training programs. Through work with talented colleagues from a multitude of backgrounds, I learned to embrace the concept of possibility and curiosity.

Upon concluding my business analyst years at McKinsey, I travelled around the world and learned Chinese. Then, experimenting with different interests, I worked at the United Nations Development Programme with a vision to help North Korea's economic development, went to graduate school and also tried my hand in investment banking.

Then the return to McKinsey felt like homecoming as well as an exciting new career move. I was brought back in to work on our internal people strategy for the Asia region, which then expanded to include the ombudsman role. My role has since slightly morphed into its current “ombud” and “manager of McKinsey Women program” dual-title role for the region. The essence remains the same that I focus on how best we can deliver on the “people” side of our firm’s mission statement.

The ombud role allows me to listen to people, provide help and guidance, and to note trends in our people space. It means a great deal that McKinsey has an ombudsman function in place and that I get to serve as a resource to our colleagues in this capacity, helping colleagues have positive work experience and helping bring about broader changes to make McKinsey an even better place.


University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton School

John Hopkins University

Yonsei University