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Our Work in the Knowledge Network

Bringing the best of our global firm

We combine McKinsey’s global expertise with deep local insights to help our clients create Change that Matters.
Some of McKinsey’s most distinctive assets are the quality of our knowledge and the infrastructure we have in place to share it. McKinsey views research and knowledge management as critical drivers to address our clients’ pressing issues in ways that ensure our work has lasting impact. We invest heavily in the development and dissemination of knowledge related to our clients’ complex challenges and opportunities. Knowledge professionals are globally integrated and deliver an increasingly sophisticated portfolio of client services:


Our knowledge experts cover 22 global industries and 8 core business disciplines. We have in-depth understanding of these industries and functions and continuously strengthen our expertise by working with many leading companies in each sector. Our clients rely on the Knowledge Network to identify and help them respond to market dynamics, emerging trends, advances in technology, and other critical forces that shape their industry.

Research & Insights

Our research & insights professionals conduct in-depth primary and secondary research, analysis, and synthesis and provide informed personal perspectives to consulting teams and clients. Our researchers have access to one of the world’s most robust portfolios of external information and data sources.

Custom analytics

With hubs in Germany, India, and the United States, the Analytic Services Group helps client project teams solve complex data-intensive business problems across industries. The group carries out modeling projects and data analyses involving advanced statistics, econometric modeling, and optimization. In addition, they support teams in the areas of simulation, database management, programming, and prototyping while leveraging advanced tools (eg, SAS, R) and techniques (eg, cluster analysis, Monte Carlo simulations) to derive insights from raw data. These analyses enable McKinsey teams to provide clients with well-founded recommendations.

Diagnostics and benchmarkings

Our Centers of Competence, or CoCs, often employ proprietary McKinsey models and benchmarking databases to quantify a client’s position relative to competitors. For example, the Purchasing and Supply Management CoC works with consulting teams to analyze a client’s spending data, conduct interviews, and identify opportunities for potential savings via more effective purchasing processes.

Practice and knowledge management

Our practice-management and knowledge-management professionals help shape the knowledge agendas of our functional and industry practices, and manage processes related to the creation, codification, organization, and retrieval of proprietary knowledge. They design and deliver practice-specific learning programs, orchestrate high-impact internal and external client events, and drive activities related to external reputation building.

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