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Knowledge Specialist, Wroclaw

Finding my own place in McKinsey is really easy and enjoyable each day.

What made you choose McKinsey?

It is virtually impossible to get bored! I studied chemistry and physics at the University of Warsaw and spent a couple of years as a researcher at Reckitt Benckiser in a chemical lab. In 2011, I joined the Knowledge Network in the Wroclaw Center as part of the Research & Information team. I have covered a wide range of topics from analyzing cost factors of product design to long-term product management to performing and analyzing diagnostics on a client's R&D units.

What keeps you here?

I can be sure that numerous opportunities will appear almost every day. The hardest thing for me is choosing where I want to go and focusing on that direction. That said, after several projects working alongside experts doing product analyses in a teardown lab (including disassembly of coffee machines, computer peripherals, food packaging, and small medical devices), an opportunity came up to for me to establish and lead a new lab in my office.

After several discussions with my managers and colleagues, I decided to accept the offer, and it’s been a great decision. Not only have I been fully supported by my colleagues, but I’ve also had a great deal of freedom to “make my own McKinsey” by proposing new, interesting, and rewarding directions for our lab’s network.

How do you maintain a good work-life balance?

My work is so interesting that sometimes it is hard to stop and leave the office. It took me a while to take responsibility for setting boundaries, but now I’ve found a proper balance for myself. Nowadays, I often recharge by leaving the city and spending some time in the woods or mountains—it is relatively easy to do so from Wroclaw. A few times each year, I join a group of colleagues to participate in a long-distance orienteering race in the mountains, where we walk 50 kilometers in about 15 hours. I also enjoy spending time after work with my wife and my God. Finding my own place in McKinsey is really easy and enjoyable each day.