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Careers in the Knowledge Network

Life as a Knowledge Professional

Working in the Knowledge Network means creating a rewarding path in which no two days—or careers—are alike.

What you’ll do

McKinsey’s knowledge professionals are serving our clients either directly as thought leaders, by providing functional topic, industry or geographic expertise, or through our consultants, by appraising knowledge needs and identifying the correct and timely approaches to analyze critical client and market data. You will work with teams all over the world in a collaborative and respectful culture, as part of a global knowledge community of more than 2,000 dedicated experts and researchers.

One of our core values is to recognize the ideas and contributions of every member of our team—at every level—and we are looking forward to yours.

How you’ll grow

At McKinsey, learning never stops. Our knowledge professionals have access to a portfolio of proprietary tools and databases, internal knowledge, and purchased resources, along with exposure to some of the world’s leading companies. In addition, your professional development is supported by an extensive suite of learning tools and programs, from local coaching to self-directed e-learning and sponsored classroom training. Our evaluation process, geared toward recognizing and developing an individual’s strengths, provides further guidance.

As you deepen your knowledge of different topics, you can concentrate on the field of expertise that most interests you—whether it is a function, industry, geography, or specific method of analysis. If you join as an experienced professional, you can focus from day one on your area of expertise.

Everyone who joins the Knowledge Network has the opportunity to follow a personalized development path based on your intrinsic strengths, skills, knowledge, actual individual preferences, and professional aspirations.

Join us

We are always searching for the most talented and promising people to join the Knowledge Network. To learn more and help you decide whether it is the right place for you, visit our Roles page.

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Every job posting has an online application button. Once you have created a personal account, complete the online form and upload the relevant application documents. The more specific you are about your interests, the easier it will be for us to match your skills to the appropriate opportunities.

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