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Practice Manager, Atlanta

McKinsey has helped me discover my passion for data and analytics and allowed me to support companies working to improve healthcare globally.

Describe your McKinsey experience

Since joining McKinsey in 2010, I've had the opportunity to work with healthcare companies and develop and implement strategies involving digital and advanced analytics.

My background includes computer science, finance, and healthcare, and being part of McKinsey's Business Technology Practice has allowed me to continue to build on each of those areas of knowledge. To further develop my digital expertise, I transitioned to a practice-management role in 2014, supporting McKinsey Digital and helping shape strategic priorities, knowledge assets, and client development efforts.

What is your most memorable project so far?

In 2012, I was helping a small not-for-profit health-insurance company think through partnership options related to the implementation of healthcare reform. The project was notable in that, rather than having a focus on improving the bottom line, the client was motivated first and foremost by a desire to help its local, insured population access the best care possible. This goal featured heavily into all partnership considerations.

What was it like to make a career transition from consulting into the Knowledge Network?

My transition from leading client studies as a consultant into a practice-management role as a knowledge professional was fairly challenging, as the practice role requires a different mind-set and a unique set of skills that were new to me. My colleagues were incredibly understanding and supportive in helping me make the transition, and there's no way I could have made it work without their help.

What new skills have you developed at McKinsey?

McKinsey has invigorated (my spouse might say exacerbated) my tendencies toward organization. It has also improved my ability to develop and clearly express opinions at an early stage in a process, even before having all the data, which as an introvert is not something I have always been comfortable with. At the same time, McKinsey has helped me to discover my passion for data and analytics, building new use cases in that space to improve healthcare globally.