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Director of Research, Gurugram

I am passionate about my community, and together with my alma mater, we regularly conduct workshops to help prepare students for a successful professional career.

What accomplishment are you the most proud of at McKinsey?

One of the highlights of my journey at McKinsey has been the opportunity to build two global teams.

I had the privilege of working with colleagues across multiple offices to set up research capabilities in Eastern Europe and China for the Business Technology Practice. At that time, our group was one of the first to have knowledge professionals in these locations. With the support of local leadership, we have brought our colleagues on board and scaled up successfully over the past years.

I have also led the transformation of the Banking and Insurance research group from a regional construct to a fully integrated global team, which is one of the largest within the global Knowledge Network.

How do you maintain a good work-life balance?

The firm encourages us to shape our day-to-day work in a way that allows us to balance personal and professional priorities. Technology has also played a key role in enabling this balance, and the firm has invested significantly in this area. For example, I recall when I first took on a global role, I had colleagues in virtually all time zones. With the videoconferencing technology that was introduced a few years ago, I was able to develop and maintain a strong connection with my team instead of traveling all the time.

Describe how you have successfully built networks into the local community

I am passionate about contributing to the development of my community. Since graduating college, I have built and maintained a strong relationship with my alma mater, the Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies of the University of Delhi, which is the first college we recruited undergraduates from for the Knowledge Center in Gurugram (starting in 2000). In addition to our recruiting activities at the college, we regularly conduct communication and problem-solving workshops to help prepare students for a successful professional career in the corporate world. These workshops are always well attended (with more than 70 participants on average), and the positive feedback we receive keeps us coming back. In fact, we are in the process of extending these sessions to other local colleges as well. In 2012, when my college celebrated its Silver Jubilee, I was honored to have received, on behalf of the firm, a prize from the chief minister of Delhi for exceptional contributions to the development of the college.