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Senior Research Analyst, San José

McKinsey gave me a unique chance to help our clients make more conscious choices regarding their environmental performance.

What made you choose McKinsey?

Before I joined McKinsey, I was working for a nongovernmental organization, and on one of my projects I was asked to work with an external consulting team to build a carbon-credit market.

During that experience, I discovered I really enjoyed the results-driven approach to project work. Soon afterward, a friend introduced me to McKinsey and described how the firm offered an enriching environment, growth-oriented culture, and unparalleled professional development. This combination of factors made joining the firm a no-brainer for me.

Since joining, I’ve had a chance to work on many interesting projects, including a firm-wide knowledge initiative where I developed new tools to improve our clients’ environmental, social, and regulatory performance. I interacted frequently with senior leadership and topic experts throughout the project, and it has been the most intense and challenging period of my career so far.

Have you been able to follow your interests?

I am passionate about environmental sustainability, and carbon markets in particular. McKinsey gave me a unique chance to join a project to help clients make more conscious choices regarding their environmental performance. I look forward to continuing this work to bring change to more clients.

What is the collaborative process like?

At McKinsey, we share a common goal of helping our clients, and we are highly supportive of one another. Our nonhierarchical structure means I can reach out any time to senior colleagues for feedback or problem-solving help. Being part of the McKinsey Knowledge Network provides a unique opportunity to interact with peers from 22 practices, and our technological infrastructure makes it easy to host meetings with colleagues around the world.

What do you like best about working here?

I am part of a global team deployed in seven countries across three continents that includes amazing people with cultural backgrounds that are very different from mine. Working with talented individuals with such diverse backgrounds is a treat and a reason to stay motivated every day.