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Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail

McKinsey has over 30 years of experience serving Japanese companies in the consumer packaged goods and retail sectors. Specifically in consumer packaged goods, we have deep category experience helping producers of packaged and frozen food as well as beverages; skincare, cosmetics and consumer healthcare products; and household consumables.

We support local Japanese firms as well as foreign entrants and participants on a wide range of strategic and functional issues, including international growth strategies; go-to-market and channel strategies; branding, marketing and product launch; pricing and trade terms; and operational improvement such as those that affect the distribution and supply-chain areas.

In the retail sector we also serve leading Japanese and foreign clients across all formats. Recent work has focused on lowering costs, pricing and promotions, new format strategy, supply-chain effectiveness, multichannel and growth strategies, and operations.

For more information, visit our global Consumer Packaged Goods Practice and Retail Practice sites.

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