McKinsey’s Digital Practice offers unique capability to help companies in all industries execute strategies and operational improvement programs through more effective use of information and communication technology (ICT).

We provide our clients with support in three key areas.

  • We collaborate with companies and their IT teams to develop the optimal IT strategy, IT architecture, and IT governance model, focusing on providing effective business support. In this area we also design IT transformation programs to help clients realize their IT vision and integrate new IT opportunities, such as cloud architectures.
  • We help our clients improve the efficiency of IT, typically delivering productivity improvements of 30 percent or more, and design the optimal sourcing and location strategy for ICT services.
  • We guide clients in using ICT as a key lever to inject innovation in business processes and a path to consider when evaluating business opportunities. For example, we have supported the introduction of digital-marketing services and helped clients derive the benefits presented by using complex “big data.”

We act as a neutral ICT architect for our clients, advising on products and solutions to help them achieve their business goals without a financial interest in product or vendor selection and implementation.

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