From good to great in digital: The opportunity for Belgian companies

To build on their slim digital lead, Belgian companies need to improve in a few specific areas.

Like most countries, Belgium saw a surge in digital adoption during COVID-19. Many of those digital behaviors have persisted even as COVID restrictions have eased. In the face of this change, Belgian companies are taking stock of their digital capabilities and assessing how well prepared they are for the future.


Analysis of the Digital Quotient® (see sidebar, “Digital Quotient methodology”) of 77 Belgian companies reveals a country that is emerging somewhat ahead of the pack in terms of digital capabilities, but its lead is not significant, and there are some vulnerabilities.

Belgian companies have a solid foundation from which to compete in the digital age. The strengths of local digital leaders in TMT, financial services, and the public and social sector provide inspiring examples, and the benefits of more local knowledge exchange and collaboration across sectors is significant. To further increase the digital competitiveness of the Belgian economy, companies should consider coordinated action to strengthen analytics capabilities and address the digital talent gap.

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