i2i: Insight to Innovation summit

i2i: Insight to Innovation summit

The Future of Government

March 6–7, 2018
San Francisco, California

Thank you for joining McKinsey—in partnership with the Aspen Institute—for two days of innovation, immersion, and discussion with a select group of senior government leaders in the San Francisco Bay area.

i2i is an invitation-only summit for senior government officials. Click here to request an invitation.

Our i2i 2018 Keynote speakers

Dr. Andrew Ng

Dr. Andrew Ng is a globally recognized leader in artificial intelligence (AI). Until recently, Dr. Ng was chief scientist at Baidu, where he led its 1300-person AI Group and was responsible for driving the company’s global AI strategy and infrastructure. He was also the founding leader of the Google Brain team. Currently, Dr. Ng is co-chairman and co-founder of Coursera, the leading massive open online courses (MOOC) platform, and an adjunct professor at Stanford University in its Computer Science Department.

Gopi Kallayil

Gopi Kallayil is the chief evangelist of brand marketing at Google. He works with Google’s sales teams and customers to help grow customer brands through digital marketing. Previously, he worked as the chief evangelist for Google+, having led marketing for its flagship advertising product AdWords in the Americas and Asia−Pacific as well as for its publisher-facing product AdSense.

Panels and working sessions

i2i Insight to Innovation summit

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Experience the art of the possible enabled by new technologies being applied to advance government and the public sector in areas such as advanced analytics and big data, AI, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), and automation.
Improving the customer experience to achieve government-agency goals

Delivering Distinctive Citizen Experiences Through Design Thinking

Learn the value of great customer and user experience by exploring the process and principles of citizen journey design for developing innovative products across the public sector.
i2i Insight to Innovation summit

Building the Workforce of Tomorrow & Next-Generation Talent

Look ahead to next-generation workforce requirements and strategies for identifying and attracting top talent, maximizing talent effectiveness, building agile organizations, and engaging cross-functional teams.
Insights to Innovation Summit

Harnessing Digital Transformation and Robotics

Garner a clear understanding of how the forces of digitization are evolving and how robotics are tackling new and complex tasks.
i2i Insights to innovation summit

Site Visits

Site Visits

Explore the latest ideas, approaches, and technologies with the goal of inspiring and transforming public sector impact. Do so through company visits, working sessions, thought-provoking presentations, and hands-on demonstrations at the region's leading and most innovative organizations.

Host companies and demonstrations include:

March 6, 2018


LinkedIn connects the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. With more than 530 million members worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. At the LinkedIn demonstration, we heard more about next-generation talent and enabling workforces for the future.


Advanced analytics start-up Trifacta focuses on building software that helps individuals and organizations unlock their data’s potential by providing a new approach to how data are explored and prepared for analysis. Whether trying to improve the efficiency of an existing analysis process or use new sources of data for an analytics initiative, Trifacta’s data-wrangling solutions enable doing more with data of all shapes and sizes. Trifacta shared how unlocking the ability to work with previously inaccessible data can be transformative for government work.


Uber was founded in 2009 to solve an important problem: how do you get a ride at the push of a button? More than five billion trips later, Uber is tackling even greater challenges—making transportation safer with self-driving cars, delivering food quickly and affordably with Uber Eats, and reducing congestion in cities by getting more people into fewer cars. Uber shared its experience with automation, user experience, and public private partnerships.

March 7, 2018


With its long-standing goal to organize and make accessible the world’s information across the globe, Google operates in 50 countries today—creating hundreds of products used by billions of people. At the Google Sunnyvale campus, participants discussed artificial-intelligence (AI) and cloud demonstrations.

Learn more about Google

Andreessen Horowitz

Founded by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, Andreessen Horowitz is a venture-capital firm that provides entrepreneurs with access to expertise and insights in innovation, executive and technical talent, market intelligence, policy and regulatory affairs, business development, and marketing and brand building. The visit explored the S-curves of technology innovation, next-generation-talent models, and what shifting to a “citizen services” mind-set looks like.

Learn more about Andreessen Horowitz

Previous host companies and demonstrations have included:

Tesla and the future of urban mobility

Few companies have captured the imagination of governments, corporations, and the public like Tesla Motors. We visited with the Tesla leadership team and toured the factory to learn about its cutting-edge innovations and what it sees as the future for electric vehicles and electrical storage.

SolarCity and distributed generation

SolarCity is America’s largest solar-power provider, offering solar energy and innovative financing models that have made solar affordable for homeowners, business owners, renters, and communities. Participants toured the Fremont, California, factory and discussed the future of distributed energy generation, storage, and finance.

GE Digital

Headquartered in San Ramon, California, GE Digital is where the industrial internet is brought to life. This global innovation hub, backed by 14,000 software professionals from across GE’s businesses, supports a broad range of applications. Participants explored asset-performance management, operations optimization, and similar innovations being implemented across the public and private sector.

Google and the essence of innovation

Google epitomizes innovation through its people, culture, and products. Participants visited Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, to explore its approach to innovation. Members of Better Mobility, Google Ventures, Sidewalk Labs, and Waze teams demonstrated how they apply this approach in their products for private- and public-sector users alike.