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Insights on Travel, Transport & Logistics


Resilience in transport and logistics

– The transportation-and-logistics sector is especially susceptible to economic shocks. Here’s how to prepare your operations for a smoother ride.

Transit investments in an age of uncertainty

– Here are some ways that cities and rail operators can shape the mobility system to incorporate new technologies.

Same-day delivery: Ready for takeoff

– Now that customers expect faster delivery times, incumbent omnichannel retailers should leverage their store networks and change... gears in areas such as fulfillment processes and IT systems.

Airline retailing: The value at stake

– A new report explains how the industry can capture $40 billion in additional value—and the challenges that must be overcome.

The Next Normal – The future of parcel delivery: Drones and disruption

– Everybody likes to get a package. In 2020, we'll send more than 100 billion of them—and that number could double by 2030.... Who will deliver all those packages, and how? In this edition, The Next Normal explores what's ahead in last-mile parcel delivery.

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Viking Cruises founder Torstein Hagen: How tailoring experiences for Chinese tourists drives growth

– Torstein Hagen’s belief that Chinese and American cruisegoers fundamentally desire the same things—the comforts and... language of home—has led to exponential growth in Chinese passenger numbers on Viking’s European river cruises.

The future of air travel

– Airlines and passengers alike are flying into a world of flygskam and flying taxis.

Bulky is beautiful: How Wayfair is poised to meet massive new demand for home goods—and home delivery

– The e-commerce giant’s supply-chain leader explains how delivery is done today and how things might change tomorrow.

Last-mile package delivery in 2030

– Four McKinsey partners talk drones and disruptions.

How airlines should manage IT failures and security breaches to improve operational stability

– To face up to challenges stemming from digital innovation, airline executives should work to secure technology delivery, manage... cyberrisk, and address costs, among other actions.

A vision for China’s parcel-delivery industry

– Eddie Huang is second-in-command at SF Express, one of the world’s largest providers of delivery services. He sees a future... of double-digit growth and ever-faster delivery times—as well as challenges related to technology and talent.

Navigating the EU rail-market liberalization

– The European Union’s liberalization of the commercial long-distance passenger-rail market will have sizable impact for both operators... and investors, potentially benefiting the entire rail industry.

Riding the next growth wave of logistics in India and China

– New ecosystems in the logistics sectors of India and China are creating new business opportunities. Companies looking to expand... in the region should pay attention to these changes.

Debate: Will delivery UAVs scale by 2030?

– Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, are a hot topic of debate. McKinsey asked two professionals close to... the issue to weigh in on whether they believe UAVs will gain traction and claim a significant share of urban deliveries by 2030.

The endgame for postal networks: How to win in the age of e-commerce

– The e-commerce megatrend is a big opportunity for postal players, but market and competitive dynamics are squeezing incumbents.... Three winning tactics can help these companies stay competitive.

A new look at autonomous-vehicle infrastructure

– What infrastructure improvements will promote the growth of autonomous vehicles while simultaneously encouraging shared ridership?
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