Logistics Disruptors

Global logistics has arrived at the forefront of digital transformation. Meet the companies shaping how goods will move tomorrow.

Once a sector built on handshakes, global logistics is in the throes of technological revolution. From autonomous trucking to robotic warehouses, innovation is upending almost every aspect of the industry.

In this interview series spearheaded by McKinsey’s Logistics practice, we hear directly from the people shaping the future of how goods are transported, handled, and stored. Some of the disruptors are seasoned logistics veterans with decades of industry experience, while others are newcomers eager to make an impact in the space. What they all share is a mission to improve how logistics is done. Read on to learn about how they’re changing logistics for the better and their thoughts on what lies ahead.

Meet the disruptors


Logistics Disruptors: GreyOrange’s Deborah Surrette on robotizing warehouse fulfillment

– GreyOrange automates warehouses for major retailers. How does it ease its clients into the world of autonomous robotics?

Logistics Disruptors: Flexe’s Karl Siebrecht on battling uncertainty with flexible logistics

– Flexe’s CEO explains how the logistics provider uses technology to create flexible warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution... to help companies meet the ongoing demand for logistics solutions.

Logistics Disruptors: ShipMonk’s Jan Bednar on the power of vertical integration

– ShipMonk owns and operates its own warehouses across the globe. How does that give it an edge with customers?

Logistics Disruptors: Plus CEO David Liu on why AI should take the wheel in the trucking industry

– David Liu on Plus’s road map to roll out autonomous trucks and the roadblocks that stand in their way.

Logistics Disruptors: Replicating Uber’s success in the trucking industry

– There’s a 30 percent chance the truck next to you on the highway is empty—a sign of inefficiency in an aging industry.... Uber Freight’s Lior Ron is on a quest to change that.

Logistics Disruptors: Motive’s Shoaib Makani on AI and automation

– Motive has expanded beyond its roots in trucking to serve a panoply of industries. How does it use AI-driven automation to solve... problems ranging from driver safety to building security?

Logistics Disruptors: Flexport’s Sanne Manders on being customer obsessed and thinking differently

– Founded in 2013, Flexport rose to become the sixth-largest freight forwarder in the transpacific region in less than a decade.... How?

Logistics Disruptors: A shared digital platform for US–Mexico logistics

– The inaugural installment of the Logistics Disruptors series spotlights Nuvocargo founder Deepak Chhugani, whose digital platform... syncs up the disparate fragments of the US–Mexico trade route.

Combining human expertise with state-of-the-art logistics technology

– New algorithms are improving logistics, but the human touch remains important. Here’s why.

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