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Featured capabilities

We have encapsulated our cutting-edge knowledge in a set of ready-to-use tools to help governments around the world achieve rapid breakthroughs in social, economic, and fiscal outcomes and make an impact that people can touch, see, and feel. Examples include:

Breakthrough delivery

Governments are under constant pressure to improve public services and stimulate economic growth, yet they often lack a disciplined process for delivering results. Our structured 10-step approach helps governments achieving breakthrough impact within months or years, not decades. By following this approach, one Asian country enrolled 1.5 million more children in schools in 18 months; another generated 6 percent economic growth in three years; and a European country cut street crime by 15 percent in six months.


Developed to help teams deliver projects successfully, this easy-to-use tool allows users to monitor progress against implementation plans, track daily performance using KPIs, and instantly communicate impact or issues. The simple, intuitive interface presents information visually in a view customized to the needs of each user: minister, project leader, manager, or frontline agent. Quick to learn, iTrack runs on smartphones, tablets, and PCs, and can be used in countries and cities with limited internet connectivity.

Delivery Diagnostic

Addressing the root causes of poor delivery can be hard even when project management, monitoring, and reporting are in place. The Delivery Diagnostic uses an innovative combination of surveys, interviews, and walkthroughs to assess the effectiveness of a government’s delivery systems, identify the causes of poor performance, and prioritize areas for action. It also helps governments to identify pockets of excellence and advance their thinking from defining strategy to sustaining delivery.

Capability building in the public sector

We offer a range of programs to help clients transform their management and leadership capabilities and embed new ways of thinking in their organizations. Through workshops, online learning, on-the-job application, coaching, and personal feedback, participants acquire a comprehensive grounding in the core business capabilities of strategy development, problem solving, communications, and performance management. Specialist topics available include economic development and transformation leadership.