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McKinsey on Consumer and Retail Podcast: Insights from experts on business and management

McKinsey experts discuss the latest trends and the most pressing challenges for leaders in the retail and consumer-goods industries.... Hear about the immediate and longer-term moves that matter most for business success. Topics covered include strategy, technology, marketing, operations, and organization.

Navigating the headwinds: The State of Grocery Retail 2022: Europe

– Retailers must be prepared to take bold actions and keep investing in key areas such as online, new profit pools, analytics, sustainability,... and people.

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How the apparel industry can ADAPT to inflation

– High inflation is a challenge, but ADAPTing an agile pricing strategy can help retailers and brands control costs, protect margins,... and retain customer loyalty.

2022 China Retail Digitalization Whitepaper: The next frontier of digital transformation in China’s retail industry

Despite significant investment in omnichannel expansion, retailers in China are struggling to... convert this into improved financial performance.

How Europe’s CPG leaders can navigate inflation

– With inflation persisting, consumer-packaged-goods manufacturers can’t rely on the strategies that got them through the... past two years. It’s time for a reset.

Customer experience in Romania

– The latest Customer Experience Survey confirms that Romanian companies are still not differentiating from the perspective of experience... offered to their customers. But are leaders emerging?

Reducing food loss: What grocery retailers and manufacturers can do

– An estimated $600 billion worth of food is lost during or just after harvest. Can manufacturers and grocers do anything about... it? Definitely—and it will be good for business, people, and the planet.

How retailers can attract and retain frontline talent amid the Great Attrition

– Almost half of US frontline retail employees and two-thirds of frontline managers say they are thinking about leaving their jobs... in the next few months. What’s a retailer to do?

Decarbonizing grocery

– Here’s how the grocery sector can protect the planet and position itself for green growth.

The beauty battleground: The sprint to win on services

– Beauty companies looking to capitalize on fast-evolving trends should act on the growing convergence of brands that offer beauty... products and brands that offer services.

Black beauty brands and consumers: Where do we go from here?

– Inequity is rife in the beauty industry, says a new McKinsey report. Ulta Beauty CEO Dave Kimbell and two of the report’s... authors discuss how to better support Black brands and serve Black consumers.

Scaling textile recycling in Europe—turning waste into value

– Fiber-to-fiber recycling at scale could be achieved by 2030, creating a new and sustainable circular industry in Europe.

E-commerce: At the center of profitable growth in consumer goods

– Winning North American consumer goods companies are fundamentally rethinking their capabilities and operating models to meet the... evolving needs of consumers and customers.

How current global trends are disrupting the fashion industry

– Fashion suppliers and brands, like other companies, are facing significant economic and geopolitical challenges. Here’s... what they can do to adapt and thrive.

Are personalized vitamins the future of wellness?

– Two fast-growing vitamin companies, HUM Nutrition and Vous Vitamin, are betting on personalization. Listen to their CEOs discuss... the biggest trends in consumer health and wellness.

The tech transformation imperative in retail

– Organizations face an urgent need to overhaul their tech architecture and operating model to keep pace with the changing landscape.... Five concrete actions can accelerate the transformation journey.

The state of grocery retail

– As part of McKinsey’s ongoing coverage of the grocery industry, it publishes a range of reports and content on the factors... and developments shaping the grocery landscape. Our in-depth research and analysis of specific regions features deep dives into trending topics as well as interviews with leading executives.

How US consumers are feeling, shopping, and spending—and what it means for companies

– The latest Consumer Pulse survey shows that, across America, people have simultaneously embraced new behaviors and reverted to... old ones. What will they do next?

State of Fashion Technology Report 2022

– As technological innovation accelerates, fashion companies have an opportunity to serve customers better while also creating a... more efficient, responsive, and responsible business.

The next horizon for grocery e-commerce: Beyond the pandemic bump

– Consumers will increasingly shop for groceries online in the years ahead. Retailers must make a series of strategic investments... to keep pace.

Building resilience amid economic uncertainty

Join senior partners Ida Kristensen and Maria Martinez to discuss the concrete changes leaders can make now to not just survive the current inflationary environment, but thrive. Register to learn the actions executives take to strengthen their resilience and achieve next-level performance, now and into the future..

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Generation Z

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A three-part recipe for business growth in the consumer sector

– Matt Leeds, a partner at consumer-focused private-equity group L Catterton, details a trio of winning strategies for... growth.

Winners take all in global apparel, fashion, and luxury

– Luxury and sportswear have delivered consistently high returns through turbulent years. But outliers from other categories offer... insights into outperformance in a volatile global apparel market.

Resetting the e-commerce model to achieve profitable growth in Europe

– Winning EU consumer goods players are reprioritizing channels and markets to drive online sales, shifting to an online-first playbook,... and investing in tech and specialist talent.

Still feeling good: The US wellness market continues to boom

– Our research shows continued growth of consumer interest in health and wellness, with persistent gaps in certain areas presenting... exciting opportunities for companies to serve unmet consumer needs.

The Next Normal – Could this be a glimpse into life in the 2030s?

– We asked business leaders and McKinsey experts to envision the future of their respective industries. Explore this interactive... for some of their more evocative (and provocative) predictions, from outer-space hotels and gamified movies to car subscriptions and ‘smart’ mannequins.

How to win in the Gulf’s dynamic consumer and retail sectors

– New patterns of consumer demand are emerging in the Middle East. To align with these shifts and remain competitive, consumer companies... can focus on two priority areas: expanding into new adjacencies and developing personalized offerings.

The growth triathlon: Three pathways to extraordinary growth in the consumer sector

– For consumer companies to grow fast and profitably, they must expand their cores, tap into adjacencies, and ignite breakout businesses—all... at the same time.

The Great Uncertainty: US consumer confidence and behavior during inflationary times

– Our latest Consumer Pulse research shows that there’s more pressure than ever on consumer confidence. But despite a general feeling... of pessimism, there are signals of hope in consumer behavior.

The Great Attrition in frontline retail—and what retailers can do about it

– New research reveals which aspects of the employee experience matter most to US frontline retail workers. Retailers must pay attention... and act quickly or risk losing more than half their store staff.
Podcast - McKinsey Global Institute

Forward Thinking on the sustainability revolution in textiles and the fashion industry with Edwin Keh

– The leader of a cutting-edge institute talks about innovative new materials that “eat” carbon and may enable cotton... growing without irrigation, as well as the potential for building the world’s shortest supply chain in two 40-foot containers.

Coca-Cola: The people-first story of a digital transformation

– With thousands to train, the transformation of Coca-Cola’s commercial product supply operations needed buy-in from the boardroom... to the front line.
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