State of Grocery Retail 2023 South Korea

The growth of modern grocery retail in South Korea may have stagnated over the past five years, but that doesn’t mean the market has stood still. Numerous factors—some similar to those in other regions, some unique to South Korea—are forcing grocery retailers to move quickly to keep pace. This report takes an in-depth look at the market and explores winning strategies for the coming years.

Featured insights


Five trends that will define South Korean grocery in 2023

– The ability to respond quickly to evolving consumer preferences could separate market leaders from the pack.

South Korea’s next sales frontier: Retail media networks

– As consumer spending shifts online, many traditional retailers have been caught flat-footed. Retail media networks hold huge promise—but... retailers need to seize the opportunity.

How technology can elevate grocery stores in South Korea

– Grocers must reimagine physical stores to keep pace with consumer preferences. Technology will supply a critical boost in this... shift.

Using sustainability to transform food systems in South Korea

– Now is the time for grocers to develop strategic sustainability plans focused on value creation and think more broadly about the... role they can play in encouraging change across the full value chain.

Eat, play, love: How Gen Z is shaping Korea’s grocery retailers

– Korea’s emerging Gen Z consumers want food that’s convenient, varied, and ethically and environmentally friendly.... Retailers should take note.