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Is apparel manufacturing coming home?

– To meet customers’ needs, apparel companies need to focus on nearshoring, automation, and sustainability.

Amazon Prime Day: What the real lessons are

– Prime Day has emerged as a mammoth shopping event. But surprising insights are reshaping the retail sector.

Quem está comprando onde? O poder das análises georreferenciadas no varejo omnichannel

– Com o uso de análises georreferenciadas avançadas, hoje os varejistas já podem quantificar o verdadeiro valor... econômico de cada uma de suas lojas nos diferentes canais – e, com isso, eles estão obtendo insights surpreendentes.

Beyond procurement: Transforming indirect spending in retail

– If retailers treat indirect costs as an opportunity for business transformation rather than just a procurement matter, they can... boost return on sales by as much as 2 percent.

Mathematics of the luxury market in Russia

– To understand Russian luxury goods and services, look to growth potential and consumer behavior.

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Perspectives on retail and consumer goods, Number 6

– The sixth edition of our consumer journal is a special edition focused on potential opportunities in our EEMA region—Eastern Europe, Middle East, Russia, Turkey and Africa.

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Shattering the glass runway

– Although many companies have committed to increasing gender diversity in the fashion industry, progress toward fixing it has been... slow. We partnered with Glamour and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) to understand why, and what can be done.

From lab to leader: How consumer companies can drive growth at scale with disruptive innovation

– In the era of “fast products” and digital disruption, delivering growth requires putting in place new predictive consumer-growth... capabilities, including innovation, based on speed, agility, and scale.

Entregue no prazo ou pague a multa: agilidade e precisão como novas alavancas da cadeia de fornecimento

– Gigantes do e-commerce elevaram o patamar de desempenho da cadeia de fornecimento. Atualmente, fabricantes de bens de consumo... se veem às voltas com uma dura escolha: alcançar novos níveis de previsibilidade e capacidade de resposta, ou pagar um preço salgado.

How analytics and digital will drive next-generation retail merchandising

– As merchandising in retail continues to evolve with the integration of analytics and other digital solutions, merchants need to... become much more nimble and ready to fulfill customer needs.

Agility@Scale: Solving the growth challenge in consumer packaged goods

– The magnitude and pace of change in the US market have undermined traditional growth models for many consumer-packaged-goods companies,... especially larger ones. Companies need to combine greater agility with new types of scale advantage to compete more effectively.

Master the challenges of multichannel pricing

Retail customers may accept different prices on different channels.... But are retailers ready to manage the complexities?

Faster fashion: How to shorten the apparel calendar

– To get new styles into stores more quickly, fashion companies must improve internal collaboration, tap into consumer insights,... and start to digitize the value chain.
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Five Fifty: Try a little weird

– Tony Hsieh, the unconventional CEO of Zappos, is not afraid to create “a little weirdness.” In fact it’s a core... value.

O novo modelo para bens de consumo

– Por que o modelo histórico de criação de valor dessa indústria está se enfraquecendo –... e como reinventá-lo

In fresh-food retailing, quality matters more than price

– Our survey of 23,000 European shoppers reveals specific ways grocers can win in fresh fruits and vegetables, boosting sales by... as much as 10 percent even in a flat market.

Disrupção digital: o que as empresas de produtos de beleza têm a ensinar ao setor de bens de consumo

– Enquanto muitas empresas de bens de consumo lutam para acompanhar o ritmo das mudanças, o setor de beleza mostra o caminho.
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