Our Approach

Preparing to lead

Transitions provide a unique opportunity to shape a government’s organization and culture, and to improve services for your constituents.Transition teams must quickly make strategic and operational decisions about what shape their agenda will take and how they will design and staff their administration for maximum effectiveness and impact. To lay the groundwork for a successful first term as a leader, our approach guides you through a six-step process: Manage, Aspire, Organize, Plan, De-risk, and Deliver.
Government transition


  • Select your transition team leader
  • Set up the transition team and define the scope of work
  • Develop and leverage relationships with stakeholders
Government transitions


  • Set the vision
  • Understand the current performance of the state
  • Prioritize key strategies
Government transitions


  • Design the future administration
  • Appoint key positions
  • Set up your team for success with an effective organization
Government transitions


  • Diagnose the state of the state
  • Create a portfolio of high-priority initiatives
  • Draft plans for the first 100 days and the full term
Government transition


  • Identify and prioritize key risks based on severity and likelihood
  • Allocate resources to prevent and mitigate them
  • Implement effective risk management across the administration
Government transitions


  • Create a citizen-centric mentality
  • Embrace technology to transform government operations
  • Empower civil servants
  • Form effective alliances with the private sector
  • Track progress and manage performance

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