McKinsey on Investing, Number 2
Issue 2, Summer 2015

McKinsey on Investing

This publication highlights articles on investment in infrastructure, agriculture, automotive, and more.

Articles in this issue


Back to basics: Creating value through superior products

– Revitalizing product development is an unexplored lever for most private-equity firms.

The return of zero-base budgeting

– The venerable technique has vaulted back into the consciousness of corporate leaders—for good reason. But getting it right is not easy and depends on five key elements.

New horizons for infrastructure investing

– Investors are having trouble finding attractive deals. They might be looking in the wrong places.

North American oil and gas: Caveat emptor

– The drop in oil prices has piqued investors’ interest in oil and gas producers. But new research suggests that high-quality investments are scarce—for the moment.

Global agriculture's many opportunities

– The first green revolution advanced agriculture a long way. Today, more investment is needed. Here's a look at one of 24 promising investment themes.

The new dynamics of automotive supply

– The sector is popular with private investors. But before jumping in, buyers must understand the nuances that will drive growth in the next five years.



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