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The rise and rise of private equity

– Our annual private markets review showed the market scaling in 2017. The way limited partners and general partners respond to the opportunities that arise will be critical to their success.

Finding untapped potential in European healthcare service providers

– European healthcare service providers are complex and fragmented, but with niche market knowledge and a creative approach, investors... can create substantial value.

Is big really beautiful? The limits of pension consolidation

– Many governments are thinking about merging their disparate systems. New research finds real benefits, but capturing them is difficult.

Private equity rolls on: How investors and managers are responding to scale

– The industry has taken a breather in 2018 as firms and their clients adapt to a new, more competitive normal.

Private equity exits: Enabling the exit process to create significant value

– Investors can capture more value by focusing on three best practices in private equity portfolio company exits.



McKinsey on Investing

– The best of our recent research and ideas for investors.

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The continued rise of South Korean private equity

– Solid returns and optimistic forecasts have made South Korea an increasingly attractive market for investors.

High stakes: How investors can manage risk in the new infrastructure environment

– Technology is disrupting construction on multiple fronts. What are the consequences for infrastructure-investment managers?

The next act for private equity in US residential building products

– Amid growing confidence in the US building products industry, players across the value chain face increasing pressure on growth... and margins and will need to develop new value-creation strategies.

Digital procurement in private equity: Unlocking sustainable impact

– Best-practice purchasing is now an even more potent source of value creation for private-equity leaders.

Will strategic partnerships in private equity become more common?

– Adoption could grow as the benefits of such partnerships for external managers and limited partners become more visible.

How are traditional asset managers looking at private markets?

– With traditional and alternative asset management converging, an era of “coopetition” may be ahead.

Dry powder in private equity

– Is dry powder anything to worry about, and is it a useful metric for the industry? Two McKinsey experts weigh in.

Is a greater focus on talent needed in the private equity industry?

– As professional management takes hold in private markets, there’s renewed interest in talent issues.

Talent management at BlackRock: A conversation with Larry Fink

– The most important component of good management is ensuring “diversity of mind,” says the CEO of the world’s... largest asset manager.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

A closer look at impact investing

– Impact investing directs capital to enterprises that generate social or environmental benefits. Our findings challenge the myth... that this kind of “social” investment yields weak returns that take too long to realize.

Asian private equity: Defying expectations

– What’s influencing Asian private equity now, and how might it evolve?
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