Our Capabilities

MineLens suite of tools helps organizations diagnose, quantify, prioritize, and track value-creation opportunities across sites.

MineLens experts combine qualitative assessments of mining practices with quantitative operational data to deliver recommendations for improving site performance. We leverage four tools to assess mining operations.

Minelens Offerings

Performance Monitoring

MineLens performance monitoring enables mine managers to compare site equipment, labor, and cost performance against industry benchmarks, budget targets, and internal best performance via interactive dashboards and custom analytics.

Dynamic Simulation

MineLens dynamic simulation models complex behavior and variability of mining systems to identify bottlenecks, run multiple what-if analyses, and understand overall system dynamics. This can identify risk and reduce uncertainty within one mining site or the entire pit-to-port network.

MineLens Qualitative Assessment

MineLens Qualitative Assessment (MQA) provides a survey-based evaluation of mining operations, maintenance, technical services, and support functions. Combining qualitative analysis with quantitative results, MQA helps assess the drivers behind performance and provides actionable recommendations for improving site performance. The surveys are customized for open-pit and underground operations, and the results are compared with global best practices.

MineLens Productivity Index

MineLens Productivity Index (MPI) works to measure mine productivity over time by benchmarking capital spend, operational costs, production costs, and labor data against a global set of peers. The MPI is comprised of historical data from more than 165 mines, covering all major geographies and commodities.

Mining Custom Assessment of Digital

Mining Custom Assessment of Digital (MCAD) is a tailored, outside-in tool that helps assess the digital potential of a given mine. MCAD’s output is a unique heat map of digital value backed by a calculation of given assets and digital levers.

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