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Defining a health benefits package: More tips for emerging markets

– For countries that want to provide universal health coverage, defining the benefits package can be challenging. An analytical framework provides insights and action steps for emerging economies.

Healthcare consumerism 2018: An update on the journey

– McKinsey’s latest healthcare consumer research suggests that consumer engagement can improve care access, quality, and affordability.... But to be successful, it requires true collaboration.

Medicaid managed care

– Well-managed partnerships could help states drive change in their Medicaid markets.

Why digital is now crucial for private health insurers in Europe

– A digital transformation can enable private health insurers in Europe to control costs, attract new customers and retain existing... ones, and influence the quality and quantity of delivered care.

Ten insights on the US opioid crisis from claims data analysis

– Careful analysis of health insurers’ claims data can provide important insights into the opioid crisis by identifying patterns... that could help shape strategies to combat opioid dependence and abuse.

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McKinsey on Healthcare

Our latest insights into the world's largest industry.

Center for US Health System Reform

Our source on the economics of health, implications of the Affordable Care Act and other health policies related to reform, the Center undertakes original research and develops tools to help navigate in a post-reform era.

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Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Putting the right price on customer interactions

– Consumers are willing to pay more for choice in their interactions, yet most companies remain perplexed about which ones their... customers really want—and how much to charge for them.

Insights into the 2018 individual exchange market

– This analysis reflects carrier participation, pricing, and plan type trends for the 2018 individual exchange open enrollment period.... Findings are across 50 states and D.C.

Low back pain: Two insights on treatment patterns from a patient journey analysis

– Low back pain is common and costly. By providing a longitudinal view of treatment patterns, patient journey analytics can identify... opportunities for timely, high-quality, cost-effective interventions.

Next-generation analytics meets first principles

– As more data about individuals with special care needs becomes available, the latest innovations in data analytics can be used... to transform care delivery for them in a financially sustainable way.

Planning for the future of healthcare—Ken Burdick, CEO, WellCare

– Ken Burdick, CEO, WellCare shares his perspective on major trends and opportunities in US healthcare with David Nuzum, Senior... Partner, McKinsey and Company.

Planning for the future of healthcare—Marc Harrison, President & CEO, Intermountain Healthcare

– Marc Harrison, President and CEO, Intermountain Healthcare shares his perspective on overcoming challenges and his leadership... priorities with Brendan Buescher, Senior Partner, McKinsey and Company.

The granularity of Medicaid MCO growth

– Despite present uncertainties, MCO leaders can still aspire to grow—and make decisions to support that aspiration. Our research... shows that the key sources of growth for Medicaid MCOs are strategic, not operational.

The new scale imperative for children's hospitals

– Recent trends are changing the scale equation for children’s hospitals. However, the right new approach for each hospital will... depend on its needs and strategic aspirations.

Artificial intelligence in health insurance: Smart claims management with self-learning software

– At health insurers, artificial intelligence can strengthen claims management by systematically identifying and correcting errors... while avoiding ineffective interventions.

The Sanitas journey: A digital business model at its core

– In this interview, Otto Bitterli (Chairman of Sanitas Health Insurance) discusses the company’s digital transformation and its... commitment to being an innovative long-term partner to its customers.

Delivering bold performance in an ever-changing healthcare landscape

– The odds are stacked against healthcare organizations as they pursue sustained growth and differentiated performance. Six strategies... can help them achieve successful transformations at scale.

2016 individual market losses are in the high single digits—a slight improvement from 2015

– A new McKinsey analysis suggests that overall carrier losses in the individual market were probably smaller in 2016 than in 2015... (7% to 9% of premiums, versus 10.1% of premiums).

Against the odds: How payors can succeed under persistent uncertainty

– The US health insurance industry continues to be defined by uncertainty. The 25 articles in this compendium can help health insurers... navigate the changes ahead.

Distributed sites of care: At the tipping point?

– Increasingly, consumers are seeking services at sites of care outside of the traditional health system infrastructure. This shift... has important implications for how health systems think about their asset base and scale.

Enabling healthcare consumerism

– Companies that can learn to understand, guide, and engage healthcare consumers, while inspiring their loyalty, have a significant... opportunity to change the healthcare landscape.

Growing employer interest in innovative ways to control healthcare costs

– Employers are showing increasing interest in new payment, delivery, and funding models. To capture the opportunity, payors must... be able to target appropriate employers; educate employers, employees, and brokers; and demonstrate savings.
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