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Strengthening primary care improves outcomes, lowers costs

By helping primary care practices take on a larger role in care coordination, a regional health insurer is improving patients'... health while controlling costs.

Integrating services helps lower length of hospital stay

By making hospital discharges more efficient, integrated care shortens length of stay and reduces costs while improving care.

By creating a performance-driven culture, a health system lowered costs and raised quality of care

A lean transformation with rigorous performance management can produce a significant and sustainable return on investment.

Building capabilities for sustainable operational improvements

When an organization’s staff suffers from change fatigue, an emphasis on capability building can produce strong, sustainable results.

Nursing excellence program improves staff retention and quality, and reduces costs

By improving nursing staff satisfaction and quality of care, global health system reduces attrition and costs.

Making change happen at an academic medical center

Performance transformation program reduces cost and increases efficiency, producing savings of $35 million in the first year.

Finding new sources of revenue for a payor

Searching for business diversification, we help a major insurance company create a new business unit to pursue growth opportunities... outside the core business.

Transforming a national healthcare system

Support for a Middle Eastern country transformed the healthcare system and extended healthcare coverage to all citizens.

New approach to payor performance saves lives and cuts costs

Redesigned services are improving outcomes for a major city health system.

Improving health and reducing hospitalization for target patient groups

An integrated care initiative for a city health service puts in place multidisciplinary teams and region-based incentives, resulting... in a transformed care experience for diabetic and elderly patients.

Supporting merger integration for two payors

An effort to find synergies and support the integration of two regional payors creates a new organization that successfully competes... with national insurers.

Understanding patient preferences to boost performance of disease-management programs

Making diabetes education and interventions easier to access dramatically improves completion rates and reduces the cost of service.

Business intelligence enables improved revenue management and coding quality

A business intelligence solution improves the completeness of coding—which boosts payments by more than #150 million.

Building a stronger health workforce

Making better use of facilities and resources while targeting new investments produces twice the number of trained health workers... at a lower cost.

IT transformation for a payor

We help the IT organization at a payor pursue efficiency improvements and new business opportunities, establishing technology... as a source of strategic business ideas.