opiod insights
Providing insights, expertise, analytics and technology to help our clients and society combat the opioid crisis.

What we do

McKinsey generates data-driven insights, provides expertise, and develops and implements advanced analytics and other technology to help our clients and society combat the opioid crisis.

We aspire to increase awareness, inform strategy development, and improve the efficacy of intervention. Our research, capabilities, and client work spans prevention and treatment in both the private and public sector. While many patients benefit from opioids to combat pain in appropriate situations, and progress has been made in understanding the epidemic, much work remains.

McKinsey’s Opioids Insights is focused on three approaches. First, we are investing in research, the results of which we will share broadly. Second, we regularly convene stakeholders from across the healthcare ecosystem to share insights and collaborate, when appropriate. Last, we are partnering with public and private institutions that are open to providing access to their data, so that we can apply advanced analytics to surface even greater insight and improve the efficacy of high-priority interventions.

Combatting the opioids crisis: If not us, who?

Many are working to address the opioids crisis in the United States, but much work remains. It’s time to take action. Tom Latkovic, Senior Partner and leader of McKinsey’s Opioids Insights explains.

Who we are

We are a cadre of clinicians, actuaries, data scientists, and consultants with experience in opioids insights, behavioral health, substance use disorder, and provider measurement in public- and private-sector contexts.

We are part of and supported by McKinsey’s Healthcare Systems & Services Practice, the Center for Societal Benefit through Healthcare, and McKinsey’s world-class data and advanced-analytics platform, Nebula.

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