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Platform operating model for the AI bank of the future

– Technology alone cannot define a successful AI bank; the AI bank of the future also needs an operating model that brings together the right talent, culture, and organizational design.

CEO brief: The future of business building in insurance

– Insurance executives must drive a shift in business from methodical to adaptive and faster.

The value of personal advice: Wealth management through the pandemic

– The 10th annual PriceMetrix report examines an unprecedented year for North American wealth management.

Five retail banking products that unite value and a sense of purpose

– As increasing numbers of customers look for products and services with positive social or environmental impacts, banks can add value through innovation.

Global Insurance Pools statistics and trends: An overview of life, P&C, and health insurance

– The ninth edition of McKinsey’s Global Insurance Pools database offers a detailed look at the insurance industry by region and line of business.

Beyond digital transformations: Modernizing core technology for the AI bank of the future

– For artificial intelligence to deliver value across the organization, banks need core technology that is scalable, resilient, and adaptable. Building that requires changes in six key areas.

Disrupting the disruptors: Business building for banks

– Although banks face intense pressure from new entrants in financial services, they have an edge in resources they can use to rapidly launch their own digital businesses.

CXO perspectives: A conversation on the future of bancassurance

– The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating a number of industry changes that were already in full swing. Industry leaders show how banks and insurers can adapt to the digital shift.

How insurers can act on the opportunity of digital ecosystems

– Professor Markus Warg, an ecosystem and platform enthusiast, discusses the role that big tech will play in insurance and the importance of setting the rules of the game within ecosystems.

Banking & Securities matters

Short takes on critical topics for leaders in banking, securities and beyond.

Insurance insights that matter

Short insights on topics that matter to leaders in the global insurance industry.


Annual Global Payments Outlook
Global Transaction Banking to 2030 – what the next decade may bring

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Building the AI bank of the future

– To thrive in the AI-powered digital age, banks will need an AI-and-analytics capability stack that delivers intelligent, personalized... solutions and distinctive experiences at scale in real time.

McKinsey on Payments 31

Covering trends and opportunities in the world of payments.

Digital disruption in insurance: Cutting through the noise

Digital insurance in 2018: Driving real impact with digital and analytics. Highlights from articles this year show the progress... that has been made in reinventing the insurance landscape—and suggest more disruption to come.

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Transforming the end-to-end model life cycle through digitization

– With increasing global complexities, those financial institutions that take a more integrated, strategic approach to model life-cycle... management can unlock massive potential.

Building new digital businesses in insurance

– More incumbent insurers are considering building digital businesses. Three McKinsey experts discuss what to do—and with... whom.

How insurers can reimagine G&A for the next normal

– This often-overlooked function can yield significant cost savings.

The value of personal advice: Wealth management through the pandemic

– The 10th annual PriceMetrix report examines an unprecedented year for North American wealth management.

CEO Interview: CDPQ invests in climate action

– Charles Emond oversees more than $291 billion in investments around the world. He wants to see real action on climate change.

African banking in the new reality

– Swift action and a focus on three imperatives could strengthen African banks and support recovery.

AI-powered decision making for the bank of the future

– Banks are already strengthening customer relationships and lowering costs by using artificial intelligence to guide customer engagement.... Success requires that capability stacks include the right decisioning elements.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

Democratizing Indonesia’s housing market: An interview with Pahala Mansury

– BTN’s former president director explains how the Indonesian bank is making housing affordable for all during the COVID-19... pandemic.

Insurance 2030—The impact of AI on the future of insurance

– The industry is on the verge of a seismic, tech-driven shift. A focus on four areas can position carriers to embrace this change.

Revolutionizing insurance: The personalized insurance engine

– Uwe Stuhldreier—an executive at HUK24, Germany’s largest fully digital direct insurer—discusses a customer-centric,... digitally enabled business model that could shape the future of insurance.

A better approach to M&A in North American insurance

– Large deals are enticing but rare—and smaller ones create more value. Programmatic deal making would help.
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