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Talent and transformation: An interview with the CEO of Israel Discount Bank

– In this, the first in a series of short videos with CEOs who have led major transformation programs, we explore the shift in thinking... about people and talent required to drive transformation, the story and lessons of women in the Israeli banking industry, and how a cultural shift within banking today necessitates a perpetual campaign around change.
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What banks need to know about hiring in a highly competitive environment

– How can banks and other firms assess intrinsic traits—which can account for big variations in performance—to tap into great talent?
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The link between sponsorship and risk-taking for women in financial services

– To nurture the next generation of senior women leaders, broad policies are not enough.
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Three reasons why banks make bad hiring decisions

Banks too often underestimate the value of a rigorous, data-driven hiring process.
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The future of banking talent

– As part of our month-long look at talent and people in banking during May, here’s the first in a series of “hot topics”... infographics on critical issues for banking leaders.
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Scanning the fintech landscape: 10 disruptive models

– A look at ten businesses models reshaping the financial services arena.
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A new focus on talent in wholesale banking

– On May 8, McKinsey's Global Banking Practice will publish a short paper looking at the importance of talent to the future of wholesale... banking. In this preview video, the authors talk briefly through their findings.
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A strategic blueprint for making the most of banking talent

– The banking environment is more competitive than ever. McKinsey senior partner Dana Maor shares her insights into re-engineering... the human capital side of the bank.
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Debiasing in action

– Asset management firms are using analytics and behavioral science to uncover and address hidden biases that destroy value.

Closing the gap: Leadership perspectives on promoting women in financial services

– Men still make up most of the management ranks at banks and insurers. New survey data and interviews with female executives point... the way to improving gender diversity.
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