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Q&A With Industry Leaders

The value of robotic process automation

Leslie Willcocks, professor of technology, work, and globalization at the London School of Economics’ Department of Management, talks about robotic process automation—its impact on work, the strategic and financial benefits, and how to capture them.

A generational change is upon us

– Stefan Heck, CEO of Nauto, a US-based autonomous driving start-up, describes what he calls the “gut-wrenching” transitions... all traditional insurance companies face, and the future of usage-based auto insurance.

Quick wins for going digital

– The CEO of PolicyGenius, Jennifer Fitzgerald, shares her views on the digital opportunities for life insurers and explains why... TurboTax, a 30-year-old piece of software used by Americans to file tax returns, could provide a template for buying insurance.

Keeping up with the consumer

– Scott Simony, head of industry at Google, explains why insurers have to learn how to use data to write better business—fast.

Playing to connectedness

– Steven Mendel, the co-founder and CEO of UK-based insurance distribution company Bought by Many talks about understanding customers’... requirements via scrutiny of social media, and mobile-enabling their every transaction.

Think omnichannel, not multichannel

– Eric Gewirtzman, CEO of US-based P&C digital distribution platform provider BOLT, shares his views on the importance of awareness... between channels, the future of agents and brokers, and the upside of failure.

Digital disruption in insurance: Cutting through the noise

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