On the cusp of change: North American wealth management in 2030

 Jill Zucker
 Jill Zucker

Brings a unique perspective to help clients anticipate the changing needs of consumers in financial services and adjacent markets

 Pooneh Baghai

Works with global asset and wealth managers, banks, and insurers on strategic and operational challenges and organizational opportunities

 Vlad Golyk

Advises wealth managers, asset managers, and insurers, focusing on strategy, distribution, and productivity improvements

Alex D'Amico
 Alex D’Amico

Guides clients to create long-term value by setting enterprise strategy and pursuing rapid performance improvement while strengthening organizational health

 Onur Erzan

Provides counsel to global leaders in leading global financial institutions with a focus on using data analytics to drive decision making

 Renee de la Roche-Zhu

Guides clients to drive sustainable, long-term growth at the intersection of Insurance, Retirement, and Wealth & Asset Management

Recent decades have witnessed meaningful changes to the North American wealth management industry’s structure and dynamics. The first decade of the 2000s saw the further democratization of trading due to increased access through technology, and the current decade has seen the convergence of banking and investing and the rise of fee-based managed accounts. These seismic shifts raise the question of what the next decade will bring—and how we might describe the 2020s from the perspective of 2030.

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