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A new era in banking

Until recently, success in banking was mostly about finding the right markets.

The state of the global banking-intermediation engine in 2017

The global banking industry intermediated nearly $250 trillion in 2017, generating $4.8 trillion in revenues.

Getting hitched

Not too long ago, fintech companies were a threat. Now banks are joining forces with start-ups to jump-start innovation, especially... in payments.

Reaching critical mass?

Digital disruption has now penetrated the key retail-banking segments.

Scramble at the top

Shifts in the industry’s league table are the result of investors’ changing views.

It’s a multipolar world

Banking is a big part of some economies; others, not so much. Both kinds of markets have something to interest bankers.

Dissecting the benefits of scale

Cost efficiency improves with size, especially in digitized markets, but size does not determine fate.



Firing on all cylinders in North American commercial banking

– Faced with a recent slowdown in growth, North American commercial banks can focus on six “engines” to fuel longer-term profitability... through the cycle.

How Asia is reinventing banking for the digital age

– The West has led the world’s banking industry in growth and innovation, but now Asia is tilting the scales. As the pace of growth... slows, Asia’s banks must reinvent themselves to survive.

The future of banking in ASEAN

– Tengku Zafrul Aziz, group chief executive officer and executive director of CIMB Group Holdings, discusses the challenges to traditional... banking in Southeast Asia and how banks can adapt.

On the cusp of change: North American wealth management in 2030

– The North American wealth-management industry will undergo meaningful changes in the next ten years, influenced by evolving customer... segments and rules of engagement, rapid technological advances, and shifting competitive dynamics.

China insurance: How insurers can improve customer experience where it matters

– Insurers in China are not adapting as quickly as other industries to the changing world of customer experience. But they have... a chance to spur growth and increase customer retention if they get it right.

Effective insurance leadership: Bring values and emotions into the workplace

– Kai Grünewald, a founding partner at McKinsey subsidiary Aberkyn, discusses bringing more humanity to the insurance workplace,... the role of emotions in resilience, and stories as tools.

The insurance switch: Technology will reshape operations

– As insurance companies allocate more resources to technology functions, operations will need to reshape to make the most of their... new tools.

Adapting to a new normal in European asset management

– Structural shifts are reshaping Europe’s asset-management landscape. For individual firms, there is no single winning formula... for success—but the response must be proactive and bold.

How the best companies create value from their ecosystems

– To make ecosystems work, companies need to select the path that best matches their scale and core assets, build the right capabilities,... and then determine how to value and assess their progress.

The value for insurers in better management of nonfinancial risk

– Is 6 percent or more of your net income flying out the window?
Podcast - McKinsey Global Institute

Central-banking accountability: A conversation with Sir Paul Tucker

– The former deputy governor of the Bank of England discusses deciphering the Alice in Wonderland world of negative interest... rates and central-bank accountability with senior partner Eckart Windhagen.
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