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CIB Insights
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CIB Insights

Cutting-edge intelligence and insights for corporate and investment banking firms

CIB Insights helps corporate and investment banking (CIB) firms tap into their business potential by providing a one-stop solution for comprehensive, industry-leading data, analytics, and intelligence.

CIB Insights provides highly granular, cutting-edge industry intelligence. Our analytics cover six regions and several sectors, including capital markets, investment banking, corporate banking, transaction banking, and securities services.

Our insights help CIB firms unleash growth and unlock business potential by understanding drivers of performance, benchmarking against competitors and peers, and proactively identifying trends and concerns.




analyzed banks


cost categories across >15 products


client wallets


Industry-leading product coverage

Deep coverage of regional CIB pools beyond top global banks

Granular insights on lending and transaction banking products

Ability to link CIB intelligence with insights from other value chain components in the financial industry 

Streamlined delivery

Monthly deliveries and rapid playback of results

Automated data transfer mechanisms

Online delivery of data via CIB Insights portal

Expert team

Led by a team of industry veterans with deep expertise in CIB competitor benchmarking and wallet sizing

Access to dedicated McKinsey experts covering more than 90 percent of CIB institutions globally

Supported by a global team of research and analytics colleagues


Our set of proprietary solutions help CIB firms better understand the market, their clients, and their business to make informed growth decisions.

Market Insights

Identify growth opportunities across products, clients, and regions through access to industry-leading and strategic perspectives for the global CIB industry, including detailed named product-by-product league tables, quarterly revenue evolution, and key productivity metrics.

Client Insights

Analyze client priorities through a comprehensive database of investor and issuer insights. Obtain a holistic view that combines behavioral and product data with advanced analytics to help make critical decisions around churn and wallet evolution, enhance the client coverage model and identify cross-sell opportunities between corporate and financial institutions.

Front to Back Insights

Uncover business simplification opportunities and efficiency drivers by benchmarking costs and capital compared to peers. Get a granular, end-to-end understanding of the CIB product value chain, including front office productivity, operations, support functions, and capital.

Featured Insights

CIB Market Insights: 1H 2020 Performance report for the Top 10 Banks in Global Markets

This report provides an in-depth analysis of 1H 2020 performance of top players in the CMIB industry globally by our CIB Market Insights team.

CIB Market Insights: 2Q 2020 Global Markets Pulse

This report provides a preliminary perspective for 2Q 2020 performance for the CMIB industry globally by our CIB Market Insights team.

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