We help generators with new builds, operational transformations, capital expenditure, and decommissioning strategies, and advise governments on nuclear regimes and regulatory frameworks.

The nuclear industry is still growing in Eastern Europe, parts of Asia, and the Middle East even as it contracts in Western Europe and North America. Many generators in Western countries are suffering from declining margins as natural gas prices fall, demand grows, and operations and maintenance costs escalate. By contrast, those in growth regions are looking for ways to attract investors, develop nuclear regimes, and construct plants on time and on budget. Our experts have first-hand experience working with nuclear companies across the globe to tackle challenges such as these.

What we do

We support clients along the nuclear value chain, using industry-specific tools and approaches such as our proprietary models for nuclear generation, levelized cost of electricity, and new-build capital expenditure, as well as our decommissioning tool. Our areas of expertise include the following:

  • Helping to build nuclear-generation capacity. Assisting with new-build projects at all stages of the life cycle, from feasibility studies, business cases, and tendering processes to plant design and construction.
  • Supporting the development of new-nuclear regimes. Working with countries on new-build strategies, supplier-development plans, economic impact assessments, and regulatory development.
  • Driving operational transformation. Helping operators to reduce the duration of outages, implement lean plant maintenance, and optimize fleet corporate-support costs to deliver typical savings of 30 percent.
  • Advising on decommissioning. Helping operators to select and execute decommissioning strategies, including timing, mode of decommissioning, and support with execution.

Examples of our work

In the past 5 years we have undertaken more than 100 projects involving nuclear generation, including efforts such as these:

New 5-Gigawatt Nuclear Power Plant

Advising on the design of a new 5-gigawatt (GW) nuclear-power plant and identifying opportunities to save 25 percent of capital expenditure by improving design, optimizing non-technological facilities, and using local knowledge and benchmarks to reduce equipment, material, and labor costs

Nuclear Power Plant Design-to-Cost

Introducing design-to-cost methods at a client’s nuclear plants to help optimize capital expenditures of €300 million per year on small and mid-sized maintenance projects, saving an average of 30 percent on budgets

Lean Approaches for a Pressurized Water Reactor

Applying lean approaches in a two-unit pressurized-water reactor to capture savings of $50 million in operations and maintenance costs across outages, plant maintenance, corporate support, and capital-plan optimization

Building a Country’s Nuclear Capacity

Supporting a country in building up 20 GW of nuclear capacity over the next 20 years by identifying local manufacturing, research, and design capabilities; developing detailed supply and demand models; and helping draft a strategy and implementation plan for establishing a domestic nuclear industry

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