Electric Transmission & Distribution
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Electric Transmission & Distribution

We help network owners and operators achieve world-class opex and capex performance, create value from emerging technologies, and carve out competitive positions for a smart-grid world.

Over the next two decades, power networks in emerging countries will expand rapidly to serve growing populations, while developed economies will upgrade their infrastructure to cope with demand discontinuities and the transition to smart grids. Estimates indicate that to meet demand, the world's transmission and distribution lines will need to increase by more than a third to 94 million kilometers by 2035, at a cost of more than $310 billion per year.

What we do

We help utilities with capital expenditure decisions and strategic, operational, and regulatory challenges; advise component manufacturers on strategy; support financial investors with evaluations and due diligence; and serve governments on policy design.

  • Optimizing capex and asset management. We offer a quick, risk-based approach to optimize capex at both project and portfolio levels, using internal and external comparisons to improve project design and estimation, procurement, contracting, and project management. We help clients save up to 20 percent of their capital expenditure through design-to-cost, 4 percent through best-practice contractor management, and 8 to 10 percent through our asset management methodology.
  • Achieving excellence in frontline operations. We use proprietary tools and lean methods to help clients reduce operating expenditure while improving safety, reliability, and customer service. Grid operators can capture savings of 10 to 25 percent in frontline operations, engineering planning, work scheduling, and supply-chain optimization.
  • Improving revenue assurance. To address the causes of commercial and technical losses and bad debt, we have identified a set of levers that are capable of boosting earnings by 5 to 10 percent. For sustained improvement, we help clients redesign their organizations to align central intelligence with regional operational hubs.
  • Capturing the potential of smart grids. As utilities roll out advanced meter infrastructure, grid automation, and dynamic energy management, we help them analyze social and regulatory benefits and build a case for government support. Drawing on our extensive expertise in business technology, we develop insights into trends affecting the industry, from big data to the intersection of operational and information technology.

Examples of our work

Examples of our work
In the past 5 years we have undertaken more than 360 projects in power transmission and distribution, including:

Asset Management Optimization for a European Utility

Helping a major European utility to optimize its asset management, reduce operating cash per kilowatt-hour by 25 percent, and cut minutes lost per customer by 20 percent.

Developing a Smart-Grid and Smart-Meter Technology Business Case

Advising a large North American utility on developing a business case for smart-grid and smart-meter technologies and identifying opportunities to capture $50 million in procurement savings through supplier negotiations.

Revenue Assurance Improvements for an Electricity Distributor

Working with a Latin American electricity distributor to improve revenue assurance by reducing commercial losses and bad debt, leading to a 5 percent increase in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.

Featured capabilities

We have developed a range of proprietary tools to help clients understand their performance and identify gaps:

  • Benchmarking tools for distribution. Data from more than 45 companies providing insight into how to optimize capex and opex and where to employ outsourcing strategies.
  • Risk-based asset optimization model. A means to assess the consequences of doing or not doing specific capex projects and identify efficiencies worth 15 to 25 percent of total network spending.
  • Smart-grid calculator and technology selector. A tool to help quantify value pools and optimize technology choices through an analysis of the total cost of ownership.
  • Lean frontline operations playbooks. Options to use enhanced dispatching techniques to boost technician productivity by 20 to 30 percent while increasing customer satisfaction by 30 percent.

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