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Customer Experience

We help energy suppliers crack the new downstream opportunity, optimize the customer experience, and enhance marketing and sales.

Energy retail markets are going through a radical transformation as customers start to generate their own power, new players enter the market, and innovation in other industries raises the bar for service. Energy efficiency is reshaping consumption patterns, distributed generation is changing the game, and energy storage and demand management are becoming more important—and successful companies need to refocus strategies, embrace lean operations, and make organizations more proactive.

What we do

We work with clients to develop and implement new commercial approaches, from “lean and low fare” to “premium but worth it.” We help clients create innovative-marketing strategies to attract and retain customers, and design effective brand and portfolio strategies to win consumers and loyalty.

Cracking the new downstream opportunity

We carry out research on the energy needs of tomorrow’s homes and businesses and help retailers access new value pools beyond the meter. We work with clients to adapt strategies and evaluate competitive moves in distributed-generation and storage technologies, energy-efficiency services, electric-vehicle charging, and data solutions for demand response, load aggregation, and customer applications.

Optimizing the customer experience

Supporting clients in achieving excellence in customer relationships is at the heart of our work. We help energy retailers optimize back-office operations, design targeted branding and value propositions, fine-tune sales and channel strategies, and enhance digital marketing and customer lifecycle management.

Enhancing marketing and sales

We provide comprehensive benchmarks to help retailers understand how their performance compares with that of peers. Drawing on insights from our Marketing & Sales Practice, we work with clients to improve the management of channel and customer support, pricing, and margins, and build their capabilities to win public-sector accounts.

Examples of our work

Over the past 5 years, we have advised more than half of the world’s top 35 power and gas companies on energy-retailing challenges. Recent projects include efforts such as these:

  • analyzing how energy efficiency, solar power, combined heat and power, and electric vehicles would affect an electric utility's future earnings trajectory, and finding that existing forecasts drastically overestimated likely load growth over the next 10 years
  • advising a US energy retailer on capturing synergies with a newly acquired services company by analyzing the combined portfolio and designing bundled products and communications, improving earnings before interest and taxes by 15 percent
  • helping a utility reduce its demand management costs by analyzing customer interactions and designing organizational models—and implementing those with the highest potential—generating savings of $50 million in the first year

Featured capabilities

Our proprietary toolkit provides energy-specific benchmarks and approaches as well as field-tested marketing and sales solutions, including the following:

  • Sales Performance Benchmarking identifies opportunities to adopt external best practices and improve the go-to market approach, and enables options to be evaluated with respect to their impact on return on investment.
  • Behavioral Energy Efficiency provides a comprehensive and rapid approach for segmenting customers, testing key technologies and messages, and identifying “nudges” to shape customer behavior.
  • M&S Matics helps marketing and sales maximize its value by understanding capabilities, identifying gaps, and building performance.
  • Periscope allows a granular analysis of margins, helps companies identify high-impact levers, and underpins an integrated approach to margin management that could boost return on sales by 5 percent.
  • Customer Experience Survey provides utility-specific and cross-industry benchmarks on the main drivers of customer satisfaction, using data from our annual surveys.

featured experts

Humayun Tai

Senior Partner, New York

Harald Fanderl

Partner, Munich

Impact Story

The power of customer experience in energy retailing

A struggling utility drastically reduces customer complaints, takes out millions in costs, and returns to profitability

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