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We help increase margins through operational excellence without compromising customer or consumer satisfaction.

What we do

We cover all critical aspects of operations in the consumer goods industry, including operations strategy, supply chain management, manufacturing strategy, lean operations, procurement, and design to value. Services include cross-functional margin management as well as functional deep dives. We serve both regional and global clients, and we integrate our efforts with their overall corporate strategies.

In response to consumer demand and competitive pressure, packaged goods companies call on their operations functions to “do more with less.” At the same time, operations need to stay agile to be able to support innovation and manage complexity. We help our clients achieve these goals in six core areas:

  • Operations strategy. In our strategic work, we encourage clients to take an end-to-end view and make operations more than just a cost center. We work with leading consumer goods players to define long-term operations transformation journeys, and we help them build strategic capabilities that lead to commercial growth.
  • End-to-end supply chain. We help clients optimize the flow of goods from manufacturing to retailers through segmentation, better planning, the application of lean principles, and increased collaboration with retailers. These efforts typically result in higher service levels, leaner inventories, and lower costs.
  • Manufacturing and sourcing strategy. Our manufacturing experts work with consumer goods companies to build manufacturing networks that are flexible, responsive, innovative, and resilient. We empower clients to hedge and arbitrage the volatility of costs, material, demand, and exchange rates.
  • End-to-end operational excellence. We apply lean principles within and beyond manufacturing, supporting our clients’ efforts to transform their operating system, management infrastructure, and capabilities. Lean transformations typically result in lower costs, higher flexibility, and more efficient back-office functions.
  • Next-generation procurement. To offset the effects of commoditization, we support our clients with broad category strategies that take a total cost of ownership perspective to sourcing. Our services include risk management, lean sourcing, and value chain optimization in collaboration with suppliers.
  • Design-to-value. Our design-to-value approach integrates consumer needs, competitive intelligence, and supplier insights. Working across functions, we prepare our clients for the ever-increasing cost pressure they encounter, especially in emerging markets.

Featured capabilities

  • Diagnostics and benchmarking. Our diagnostic toolkit includes Supply Chain 360, Manufacturing 360, and Consumer Operations Benchmarking (COBI). Similar tools are available for other functions, including finance and HR. We maintain proprietary supplier and pricing databases for various countries, as well as a library of global best practices and benchmarks in areas such as purchasing and supply chain management.
  • Solution tools. We have a wide range of tools to help design operations solutions, many of which can be customized to fit the individual client situation. Examples include Logos, a tool to optimize transportation and logistics cost; AIM/SIM, an Excel-based inventory simulator, and ProNet, a suite of proprietary tools for optimizing a global value chain.
  • RedE. Helps reduce energy consumption by suggesting efficiency improvement projects and allowing users to customize savings based on specific criteria at their facilities.


Mike Doheny

Senior Partner, Atlanta

Ignacio Felix

Partner, Miami

Camilo Martins

Partner, São Paulo

Featured capability


Helps reduce energy consumption by suggesting efficiency improvement projects and allowing users to customize savings based on specific criteria at their facilities

Featured publication


Operations as a competitive advantage in a disruptive environment

This collection weaves together the latest developments within the consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) operations sector, with a honed focus on operational excellence best practices.