The digital growth code: Reinventing the commercial domain via the customer

Many chemical companies are now using digital tools, but few have made the true digital transformations that will create the competitive advantages we’re seeing in other industries.

To learn about how to maximize the value of your digital tools, join us for our one-hour webcast on September 20 or October 4. We will share new insights based on our research and experience, and we will present case examples of how chemicals players are driving profitable growth as the business gets tougher.

For your convenience, we are hosting two sessions on September 20 and one on October 4.

Session 1 – 4:00 am ET, 10:00 am CET, 5:00 pm KST on September 20
Session 2 – 11:30 am ET, 5:30 pm CET, 10:30 am CST on September 20 
Session 3 – 8:30 am ET, 2:30 pm CET, 7:00 am CST, 9:00 pm KST on October 4

About the presenters

Senior Partner, Berlin

Georg Winkler

Georg focuses on commercial and strategic topics in B2B industries, especially chemicals. He has deep expertise in large-scale commercial transformations, go-to-market design, pricing, and margin management. In addition, he co-leads McKinsey's digital in B2B commercial group and McKinsey’s global B2B pricing service line.
Partner, Seoul

Marco Moder

Marco advises leaders in chemicals, energy, basic materials, and other industrial sectors as they set effective growth strategies, boost functional performance, and guide the digital transformation of their value chain. Since joining McKinsey, Marco has helped global energy and materials companies find sustainable sources of business growth. With particular expertise in advising B2B enterprises in the industrial sector, he brings a strategic focus to the pursuit of functional excellence, digitalization, and end-to-end corporate transformation.
Partner, Minneapolis

Owen Stockdale

Owen advises agriculture, chemicals, basic materials, and industrial companies on operations and strategy topics. He brings deep expertise in the design and implementation of performance-improvement programs. Examples of his recent work include helping a leading agriculture company develop its 10-year strategy, supporting a supply-chain transformation for an agricultural inputs leader, and supporting a capital-cost-reduction effort for a leading global metals and mining company.
Partner, Amsterdam

Fransje van der Marel

Fransje is a partner in McKinsey’s Amsterdam office and serves businesses and public-sector clients in the energy and chemicals sectors. She is a co-leader of our work on gas globally, and brings particular expertise in gas monetization, energy-sector strategies, and the development of renewable power. She also supports clients with digital and analytics initiatives, and especially the use of digital tools to enhance the customer experience and improve the bottom line.