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Ingredient Buyer Workstation

Forecast future prices for specialty crops

Ingredient Buyer Workstation is an advanced analytics decision-making tool providing proprietary market outlooks and price data for 300+ crop and geography combinations around the globe. It combines machine learning models with local, farm-level cost curves collected directly from growers to help traders, food buyers, investors, farm managers, and governments forecast future market prices.

Ingredient Buyer Workstation helps clients determine

What crops should cost

Understand the delivered cost of crops to your location in order to target new, high-potential supply countries. It also shows “should cost” of supply to the point of delivery.

Which levers drive performance

Benchmark performance and identify best management practices for your region, highlighting levers to improve productivity and increase competitiveness.

How they compete

Compare performance to local competitors and target performance improvement initiatives.

Introduction to Ingredient Buyer Workstation

ACRE is an advanced analytics solution that helps food and agriculture companies make better decisions. In this video, Solution Leader Ryan McCullough and Partner Ashish Kothari explain how Ingredient Buyer Workstation uses machine learning models to forecast future market prices of specific crops.

Our Impact

3% to 8% savings

in agriculture commodity sourcing identified for a US food industry company.

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