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Crop Selector

Advanced analytics for crop selection

Crop Selector prioritizes and selects crops for investment. Our advanced analytics tool uses four guiding principles—fit with local agronomy, farm scale, current value chain presence and export potential, and attractive financial returns—to help investors and governments make data-driven crop selection decisions.

Crop Selector helps clients determine

Which crops to plant

Inform crop choice for your region using our agronomic and farm economics data, optimized for your specific business goals, like farm revenue or job creation.

Which initiatives to invest in

Identify relevant resources and projects you should prioritize to drive sustained impact based on the results of your crop selection analysis.

Which value-added facilities to consider

Analyze your current facilities (e.g., cold storage, food processing, warehouses) to understand if they’re suitable for selected crops, and determine where there are gaps to fill to ensure crops are successful as predicted.

Our Impact

$750 million in new revenue

enabled for an agriculture conglomerate growing its footprint in Indonesia by identifying investment opportunities in targeted crop value chains.

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