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Associate PartnerMumbai


Associate PartnerMumbai

Where else could I have paved my own way? I find the doors to opportunity continuously opening.

Growing up in Bhopal, I used to play the tabla through my school and college years. Leading cultural and rock festivals at college gave me a sense of what it means to show the way- and I eventually decided to pursue a career in consulting.

Charting my own course

Toward the end of my second year as a business analyst, I got interested in research being done by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), specifically in technology and macroeconomics. When I applied for the one year fellowship that MGI offers in San Francisco, the partners in the India and west coast offices were incredibly supportive. The fellowship and the transfer to San Francisco were approved within a few weeks.

Vast exposure

Since joining McKinsey, I have gained exposure to many sectors and topics. By the end of my tenure as a business analyst, I had worked on projects in multiple industries including healthcare, public education, telecom, shipping, retail, and sports. Much of this has been in the spheres of growth strategy, cost optimization, marketing and sales, and economic research. I was also lucky to have been able to work with highly commended government officials, leading business persons and academics. During my fellowship at MGI, we received feedback on our report from Robert Solow, the Nobel Prize winner in economics.

Maintaining balance

One of the unique programs that McKinsey offers is “My Time,” which allows consultants to take additional leave for up to 20 percent of the year. My wife (whom I met at McKinsey) and I love travelling and have used the program over the past few years to go to Australia, Chile, Peru, Indonesia, Fiji, New Zealand, and the United States. One of the highlights of my weekend is cricket practice with the Mumbai office team, which meets every weekend for matches.


Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Bachelors and Masters of Technology, Civil Engineering