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Senior expert, Mumbai

It is gratifying to see how I can play a role in helping people change their lives—not just to get better at work, but to live better, happier lives.

Most rewarding experiences

In my early years at the firm, I was working with a large organisation on the national launch of a product. We had to put it all together and get it off the ground in a record 2 weeks. Our team room was like a war room—with posters and boards all around and clients coming in and out. There was an energy in the air that remains with me even today. We were a group of people on a mission. With highs and lows and lots of late nights, we pulled off a very successful launch. I will never forget those 2 weeks. I feel privileged to play a role in helping develop the next generation of India’s leaders.


Surpassing everything are the friendships I have formed with so many colleagues. It would be fair to say that most of my closest friends are the people I work with. And what could be better than doing what you love with people that you love?

Most unexpected aspect

The most surprising thing is the amount of fun I've had. I thought McKinsey would be an intense place with lots of hard work. It is. But I’ve enjoyed almost every day. I don’t feel depressed on Sunday evenings because I look forward to getting to work on Monday! I would never have imagined I would be doing what I am doing now even 5 years ago. When I joined, I planned to build a career in corporate finance. That’s as far away from what I do now as you could imagine.


London Business School

University of Wisconsin, Madison
MSc in engineering

VJTI, University of Mumbai
Bachelor in engineering