Circle of Women Founders

A network to connect and foster women entrepreneurs in Israel
November 2022

McKinsey’s Circle of Women Founders supports the success of women entrepreneurs in the Israeli start-up ecosystem. We are currently looking to assemble our next cohort of women founders and CEOs of Israeli start-ups, focusing on Seed and Series A.
The next cohort will begin in November 2022. This small, select community of women leaders will meet once a month during our six-month program built around mentorship and capability building, leveraging McKinsey’s internal and external network of experts and knowledge.

Our program is built around the following three pillars:

1. One-on-one professional coaching

Based on individual needs, each founder will have access to coaching by two mentors from the McKinsey network. Founders can schedule three sessions with each mentor over the duration of the program.

2. Personal and professional development masterclasses

We will offer a series of in-person evening workshops at our office in Tel Aviv throughout the program. These master classes will cover a range of topics from McKinsey’s centered leadership methodologies (based on extensive research about how talented women thrive, and use "Lean In" methodologies), as well as expert sessions on key entrepreneurial topics, such as how to create compelling investor pitches.

3. Networking with major ecosystem groups

Each cohort will conclude with a flagship, networking event that aims to connect cohort members with potential investors, McKinsey alumni and other leaders in the Israeli start-up ecosystem.

Become a mentor

Mentors play an active and key role in supporting our cohort. Each cohort member will have access to two mentors—one from McKinsey and one external—who will provide support throughout the program. We are currently recruiting mentors for the upcoming cohort.

Join the next cohort

We would be delighted to receive your initial application by October 23, 2022. For applicants who pass the first round, there will be a final interview at the end of October.