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Engagement ManagerTel Aviv

Becoming a consultant

I never dreamed of becoming a consultant. I didn’t know what management consulting was until recruiting started at my university. I was completing my Master’s in biotechnology at the Technion at that time, and nothing could have been further from my mind. However, once I heard my future colleagues describe it, I knew it was the right thing for me.

Joining McKinsey

The Tel Aviv office is an environment of excellence on one hand, encouraging each other and consistently setting ambitious goals, and supportive on the other hand, finding ways to help each other reach these goals. One of the goals that I set and achieved with the support of my colleagues was attending Harvard Business School.

Professional development

In my 3 three years at McKinsey Tel Aviv I have worked in over 14 different countries and worked across different industries. My scientific and engineering background was a tremendously useful foundation for the high fast-paced, fascinating learning environment I discovered at McKinsey. Every problem we are asked to solve is new, requiring learning new things and deepening the knowledge we have from across the firm. The network of expertise and creative thinkers within McKinsey, around the globe, appears endless.

A place to make a difference

Our work is creative and analytical; we are asked to immerse ourselves into an organization and develop lasting solutions that make meaningful differences for the organization and the individual clients we work with. Seeing my clients celebrated within their organization, get promoted, and succeed is the greatest reward for our work.

I love my job every day, and while I am often challenged, I can’t imagine working anywhere else.