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After several years of experience in infrastructure development, project management, and strategic planning, Shavit joined McKinsey to act on his longtime passion for sustainability and develop his knowledge of the private sector as part of his transition from a years’ long military career.

Being a Consultant

The constant steep learning curve, new topics, and collaborations with clients maintain a fresh and dynamic vibe. The people and the iterative approach are what make McKinsey unique. That, together with endless opportunities to develop and navigate my career are what make this path so great.

Choosing McKinsey

To me, being a consultant is about being impactful. The way I see it, the most impact can be achieved when serving clients with a global footprint and a long reach. When it came down to choosing, the people and the attitude are what ultimately helped me decide McKinsey.

Developing Professionally

I like to learn from my mistakes, as a daily practice. I retroactively ask myself how I could have done better in the last task, project, or year. McKinsey gave me a fresh addition to this by also highlighting my strengths and providing actionable feedback on how to build on them. Building on the two sides of this coin, I am developing faster than I ever have, with regards to completely new areas of knowledge as well as ways of working.

A Place to Make a Difference

With an aspiration to infuse a sustainable view to the Israeli economy, serving the leaders of today and tomorrow allows me to improve my skills and lay a foundation for a substantial network as I continue to develop on this journey.

Collaborating at McKinsey

When everyone around you is driven, and we have kicked off our projects together by mentioning what works for each of us and how we prefer to collaborate, the click is lightning fast. The McKinsey-wide common practice, language, and routines make every day a content focused, productive experience, and that is where the impact emerges.

Advice for applying to McKinsey

Practice makes perfect. After getting a clear view of what is expected of you, there is nothing like practice, practice, practice to get yourself feeling comfortable in an interview setting.