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Associate Partner, Tel Aviv

The Israel office is like a family. People may come and go, but the collaborative, supportive, and inspiring atmosphere always endures.

The best business education you can get

I first heard about McKinsey as a student during a recruitment presentation at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I was immediately intrigued by what I learned about the work of a consultant, and, having majored in law and economics, I was fascinated by the emphasis on the quantitative elements of the work.

After completing an internship at a leading law firm, I realized that what I really wanted was to take part in core business decisions, and McKinsey became an increasingly enticing option—and a door into the business world. The value of joining the firm soon became obvious: while I was completing my sponsored MBA degree, I was intimately familiar with much of the content. I quickly understood that McKinsey was possibly the best business education I could get.

My most exciting client? A basketball team

I am constantly faced with new situations and experiences, many of them entirely unexpected. However, if there is one thing I could never have anticipated in my wildest dreams, it was my involvement in the growth-strategy project of the very basketball team I’ve been an avid supporter of since childhood! The project was a huge success and the team gave me VIP season tickets—what better bonus could I have asked for?

Adapting my career to my (growing) family

While my family always plays a substantial role in my career decisions, balancing these two immeasurably important aspects of my life is an ongoing challenge. That said, my attempts to adapt my McKinsey career to my family needs continue to be met with a surprising degree of flexibility—around working hours, having my family join me on prolonged trips overseas, and working from home when necessary.

Speaking of family, if asked what word comes to mind when thinking of our Israel office, 90 percent of my colleagues will say exactly that: “family.” People may come and go, but the collaborative, supportive, and inspiring atmosphere always endures.



The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
BA, law and economics