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Business analyst, Tel Aviv

Coming from a background of technology, design, and architecture, McKinsey for me was an unpredictable choice. But my experience here has been amazing.

Inspiring colleagues, constant growth

I first heard about management consulting about 6 months before applying to McKinsey, from a close friend who was a business analyst at the time. “You have to join McKinsey, you will love the people, and you will learn so much,” she said—and she was exactly right. Here, I get to work with inspiring people to solve some of the most complex and challenging problems, while constantly gaining new knowledge and experiences—topped with a hard-to-come-by sense of impact and achievement.

Designing solutions for real people

Having come from the world of architecture, joining McKinsey was not an obvious choice for me. Nonetheless, it has turned out to be one of my best decisions yet. In fact, my experience in analytical thinking and ability to devise and translate conceptual solutions into practical plans has proved relevant time and time again. It has also allowed me to maintain a fresh perspective.

Never a dull moment

What I love about McKinsey, and especially my role as business analyst, is the dynamism—the wide and incredible variety of projects, industries, and situations I get to experience. My most memorable McKinsey experiences range from the development of an analytical tool with a McKinsey software-development team to flying with my wife on a day’s notice to two separate projects (in Australia and New York) to facilitating a workshop for 25 shop-floor maintenance technicians to organizing fun social events for my fellow consultants.

A place to make a difference

The Israel office is a great choice for anyone interested in making a difference in the Israeli ecosystem and looking for fast and unrivaled international professional experience with top organizations and leaders around the world.


Tel Aviv University
BA, architecture