A supportive environment especially during new challenges.

Unique opportunities

I was initially drawn to McKinsey as I saw it as a unique learning opportunity to work with amazing people on meaningful projects. Prior to joining McKinsey, I worked as a corporate banker and after a few years, felt that my development was stagnating—my job was becoming repetitive. I was looking for a place where I could continuously grow and found this at McKinsey. Every study brings a new challenge and a new role with a steep learning curve. I don’t believe you will get these opportunities elsewhere!

Making an impact

One of my most memorable engagements was when we helped launch a new digital bank in Southeast Asia. Personally, it was an exciting experience to be involved in something that is truly groundbreaking—both in the firm and in the industry. Getting it right involved a lot tests to learn what worked and what didn’t. I was privileged to have been involved in shaping the future of the banking industry, and changing the way customers perceive and interact with banks.

The delicate balance

The people make the firm a special place to be. They have been extremely supportive through my many transitions by creating an environment that allows me to balance both my personal and professional life. Since joining the firm in 2013, I have married and become a father. Through these major milestones, the firm was supportive, attentive and understanding, building a support system which allowed me to balance my new responsibilities. In particular, I remember when colleagues in the Jakarta office had connected me with other colleagues who have been through similar experiences so that I could get a better understanding of how to manage being a new family man.

A culture of continuous development

At McKinsey, a great amount of care and attention is placed on your professional development. It is ingrained in our daily activities through strengths-based feedback sessions with colleagues throughout and at the end of each engagement, which is not only beneficial in the long run but also extremely insightful for both personal and professional growth.


Duke University
MA, engineering management

University of Washington
BSc, industrial engineering