McKinsey’s Knowledge Network has given me the opportunity to develop deep expertise in several different industries. It’s a rare job that, quite literally, pays you to learn about new topics.

Learning with the best and the brightest

When I first joined McKinsey’s Knowledge Network (KN) I was drawn by McKinsey’s reputation for attracting the best and the brightest, and by the incredible scope of the roles in the KN—it’s a rare job that, quite literally, pays you to learn about new topics! And whenever I need help or have a question, I know I have an extended network of exceptional people I can call on who will be willing to help.

Becoming a thought partner to clients

After a few years with McKinsey, I’ve realized that the role—and the draw—is so much more than what I initially thought. With the KN I have learned how to customize research and information into actionable solutions that are incredibly valuable to our clients.

One example of this was when I was part of a team serving a multinational client that has been in the market for decades. I was really nervous presenting my findings, as I imagined the client would have known everything about the market already. Yet they were surprised by the insights we presented: our research helped them see opportunities they had not realized were available to them. Being part of the KN has given me the opportunity to develop this kind of deep expertise in several industries—I’m not just a knowledgeable person, but a constantly curious person.

Flexibility and support

I am also very grateful by the amount of flexibility that my team has given me when it comes to lifestyle. I have the control to tailor my day-to-day work as well as my career plan to suit my family and personal plans. In my team, family and health are always top priorities, while we ensure each and every team member is on track in fulfilling their career aspirations.

It is often said that each person here has the opportunity to build his or her own McKinsey. My McKinsey consists of people from the KN, consultant teams, support teams, and even past clients. These people are intelligent, open-minded, and helpful. We also have a very open culture when it comes to feedback, which is given regularly and directly, and is always constructive. It is a unique culture that I value so much—McKinsey is truly a one-of-a-kind place to work.


National University of Singapore
BS, business administration